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Rates and Session Information


  • For first time clients I offer a reading with a little birth chart background for $125.00 it usually takes about 75-90 minutes. I read your birth chart and gather info from your guides and the first 30 minutes I explain all that I have discovered. The second half is all about you asking your questions.
  • First time clients can also do a one hour do reading without a birthchart for $105.
  • Return clients can do 30 minute sessions for $50.

Astrology Birth Chart with a Reading:

It takes time to compile a personalized birth chart. It is not a simple one page description you find on automated websites. You will receive a detailed document typically 5-10 pages of information in Word or PDF format.

  • Partial Birth Chart with a one hour reading $125 (usually for first time clients)
  • Full Birth Chart with a one hour reading: $200.00

Discounts: I offer discounts on future readings or coaching appointments if you refer new clients to me.

Payment Methods:

*All payments need to be cleared prior to receiving a reading or birth chart session.

I accept all major credit cards. I also accept Paypal, cash and personal checks, however the checks have to clear before our session.


Please call or email to schedule an appointment with me.

*I reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.

Contact: 650.537.0381



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